Live in a Condo? Do not bring your LIVE trees!! #Seriously

So one thing I love about Canadian interior designer, Jane Lockhart's style, is that it is effortless.  

Take her Christmas style. I love the way the tree looks in her condo.  You need to remember that if you are a condo owner, you need to have an artificial tree!  It is a fire hazard to have a live tree in your unit and you do not want to be the person who caused a multi-million lawsuit, insurance losses, and neighbor displacement.  Don't let it be you. (insert me shaking my head)

What you can do since you don't have a live tree is check out how Jane decorated her fabulous condo for the holidays.  

Have ideas on how to decorate?  Share them below and check out some of Jane's tips here:  We'd love to know how you decorated your space!

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