New Year Musings

"In life and business, purpose is the foundation of fulfillment."  UJ Ramdas

It's amazing how every year you (hopefully), get a little bit wiser, see the world through another prism and have the opportunity to reflect on the lessons life has taught you during the past 365 days.  Now that I have a new journal and Productivity Planner from Be Productive, I am excited to see and pinpoint the moments of reflection when we are at this time next year. 

I would love to know, for you: What are the top 5 things you learned?  Please share!

Here are my Top 5:

1.  Appreciate how much love can make everything alright.  Whether it's someone loving you or you loving yourself.  The gratitude for that ability to have that type of affection makes every annoying person, thing or situation a lot more bearable. 

2.  Saying "no" is the most important word you can say.  We love to help every cause, friend, or organization when we can.  It is important to prioritize so that you can allow the things with the highest priority to always take precedence.   

3.  Constantly check your financial accounts.  Each Monday I take the time to check my accounts.  One Monday I discovered my airline miles account had been hacked because they also tried to use my credit card.  There is too much fraud happening.  Oh and let's not forget the $336 account charge I had from my bank that they issued for no reason.  Check your accounts and check them often.  These two items alone were over $1500 and miles.

4. Rest.  This is not only for your body, this is for your mind as well.  Going to sleep earlier happens like once every 5 months for me but I have to go to sleep more by 10:30/11 pm in 2018.  Hold me accountable!  When you see or talk to me, ask me what time I went to sleep!!  This is one area I have to get better in.  For the mind, I love using the Simple Habit and Calm apps for meditation.  Carving out 5 minutes to center myself so I can give 120% to all of my efforts and responsibilities is a non-negotiable for me now. 

5. Leverage.  I have a great team that includes a Team Operations Manager, Ethan - who you will know very quickly, Beatrice - our administrative assistant,  Miranda - our Transactions Coordinator and 3 buyer's agents - Crystal, Leslie and Nash that serve our clients with Ritz Carlton level service but guess what?  Sometimes you need more and you need to assess what needs to be done and who needs to do it.  That just doesn't go for work, that is very applicable to home.  

Cleaning my house? Of course, I maintain it, but once a month I have a professional help bring it back to equilibrium.  

I need to finish work and get somewhere?  Uber is the answer.  

We need an additional hand to pick up dry cleaning, stuff envelopes or wait for a delivery?  Our Errands and The Concierge Guy are my go to peeps.

Scheduling my meetings.  Calendly continues to be my solution.  The term, "life hacks", may be trendy verbiage but I am all about it.  

Leveraging your time and your resources will give you more time to rest, be with the ones you love and help you be in multiple places at the same time.  It is the magic of our on demand society.  Use it!

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