Sandy Springs sets regulations for short term rentals

Have you thought about purchasing a home for Air Bnb or other short-term rental site?  Well you and everyone else and the state, as well as local municipalities, want their money!

With the increased popularity of the short-term rentals (STRs), on February 20th, the City Council of Sandy Springs voted to set regulations for this booming industry. These properties will now be required to register with the city and be licensed as well.  

You may say, oh I  can skate around the law.  Don't try it Mister.  There have been Air Bnb investigators for years and I am confident the city will be hiring them to get the piece of pie owed to them.  

While the City of Sandy Springs, and other jurisdictions, try to set regulations for services such as AirBNB and VRBO, the Georgia State Legislature is working to limit local regulation of STRs. State Rep. Matt Dollar has proposed H.B. 579 which would pull these STRs under a singular umbrella for as opposed to multiple jurisdictions. H.B. 579 is currently moving through the State House and headed to the State Senate.

Below are a few highlights of Sandy Springs' new policy on short-term rentals:

  • All parking must be on the [short-term rental property’s] lot.
  • No short-term rental shall be allowed in subsidized housing.
  • All hosts shall post the city’s noise ordinance in a visible location.
  • The property owner must hold a business license from the city, and the unit must be registered as a short-term rental unit.
  • The business license number must be included in any advertisement of the short-term rental unit.
  • Before issuance of a permit for a short-term rental, each property shall be inspected for compliance with all building and fire codes.
  • All platforms and managers of multiple rental properties must register and provide detailed records of rental activity and taxes by rental unit.
  • An advertisement promoting the availability of short-term rental property in violation of city code is prima facie [meaning taken at face value unless proven otherwise] evidence of a breach and may be grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of a license.
  • All units must pay a business license fee and all hotel/motel taxes due.
  • Prior to the issuance of a permit for a short-term rental, the property owner must notify all property owners and residents within 500 feet of their intent to do so and provide contact information in the event of an issue or problem.
  • Information must be posted on the door of the property with the name and contact information of the owner and the phone number of the City Call Center for notification if [there are] problems.

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