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Mercedes Pittman

I moved here not too long ago and didn’t know a ton of people to ask for a for realtor so I hopped online and just hoped for the best. I can say that I was truly blessed to find Christian! She is a amazing agent and person. I was very nervous because I was first time home buyer and the market here in Atlanta is pretty crazy and I didn’t know if I would find what I wanted in my price range. She responded to me quickly and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. I can tell she’s a busy women but she always had time to answer all of my questions and concerns. She has a great team behind her so even if she wasn’t available she made sure there was always someone there to assist me with whatever I needed. Once, she sent one of team members to show me a house because she had an appointment and she actually video chatted in while she was getting her hair washed just to view the property with me! She is truly dedicated to her clients. And I appreciate her so much for having my back throughout this process. When I was having issues with my lender she referred me to another who helped make the process even easier for me. I have heard so many horror stories about the home buying process but as a first time home buyer, I can honestly say this experience was amazing. I am proud to say I am now a homeowner in a great area and I absolutely love my place! I have recommended her to everyone I know and plan to stick with her for all my real estate needs going forward! Started looking for my place in April. Put in a offer June 13 and closed on July 20 without any delays or issues. Thank so much Christian and team!

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